where to find skin friendly face paints

Face painting can be a challenging task when your skin is very sensitive and in the case of a toddler or a child, great care has to be taken to ensure that the paint doesn’t affect the skin and cause health problems later.

Several brands have different types of face paint which can be glycerin, wax based, powdered, cream based and greased based. snazaroo face paints brand is known for skin friendly line of products and specially tailor their products for children. Snazaroo brand is glycerin based and is activated by water. It is not harmful in anyway because their product can be easily removed with soap and water. It doesn’t leave any residue and is soothing to the skin.

Snazaroo has been a major brand for face painting many years and has been recognized by highly respected make-up artist in the film industry, who use the product as a result of the texture and ease of application it has. Toddlers love it! And parents recommend its usage in costume parties and in whatever event that calls for face painting.

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