We are FANCY DRESS RETAIL, fancy dress retailers who are specialists in finding the right fancy dress costumes and fancy dress attire for your events and specialist fancy dress occasions all year round.

We have ideas for jokers in fancy dress and those who wish to masquerade in fancy dress, costumes, outfits, hats, wigs and all the accessories to ensure you as well as your audience enjoy ‘out there’ moment.

Halloween Fancy Dress Outfits And Fancy Dress Clothing

No matter which year you were born, there is a scary movie from your era that you wish to resemble when that fancy dress party is announced. Is it the murder from Scream? Freddie? Edward scissor hands? Goldilocks or maybe Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a vampire or Frankenstein?

The Halloween fancy dress fest is one of the busiest times of the year for FANCY DRESS RETAIL and fancy dress hire, costumes and outfits, wigs, accessories and hats are booked out early on in October, as well as being bought for one offs and left in the cupboard for the next murder feature film starlet.

70′s Fancy Dress Hire And Fancy Dress Hats

There seems to be an ongoing fancy dress theme that never seems to change, everyone wants to be a disco diva at some points and dressed up in 70′s fancy dress, big wigs, flares and multi coloured rainbow clothing, jigging it on the dance floor.

The next popular fancy dress theme for fancy dress hire is the Neanderthal, any excuse to dress up in a grass skirt or woolly mammoth shawl and carry a club is an excuse to muck around and misbehave, that and a Roman toga and fig leaf crown and all of a sudden you’re the sex Gods of a different era demanding to have fancy dress awards laid at your feet.

Alongside superman, spider woman and the fantastic four, there’s also the ubiquitous fancy dress hats for pirates complete with eye patch and parrot as fancy dress accessories, witches and wizards hats, power ranges helmets and a range of wigs that would make any seventy year old Granny howl with laughter.

Childrens Fancy Dress And Fancy Dress Wigs, Masks And Costumes

While events and occasions are dreamt up by adults to entertain the children, it’s difficult to figure out sometimes whether Halloween, Christmas and Easter is for the children or prolonged by adults for their own childish fun too.

At FANCY DRESS RETAIL we believe children and our own inner children should be free to enjoy the fun surrounding fancy dress no matter what age we are which is why we offer and seek out children’s fancy dress outfits and adult fancy dress costumes, wigs and hats for shapes, ages and sizes.


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